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from CBRNe events.

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About CBRN Academy

About Us

CBRN Academy is a UK based company that supports Organisations and Individuals to build the Capability and Capacity to Predict, Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover from CBRN/HAZMAT critical events.

This is achieved by ensuring that our Consultancy Services, Training courses, Talent Aquisition and Equipment provision are of the very highest international standards.

We specialise in the fields of Health, Safety, Security, Defence, Policing and Crisis Management, for professionals working within Government, Public Sectors and businesses.

We bring diverse Solutions in 
A New Strategic Partnership

Acooperation that Make Difference

CBRN Academy is proud to announce a new commitment to deepening cooperation in CBRN Learning and education through the cooperation with the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome Tor Vergata through  CBRN Gate and HESAR Association. 

CBRN Education Partnership between University of Rome Tor Vergata and CBRN Academy


We provide solutions to support you to Prevent, Predict, Prepare and Respond to HAZMAT/CBRN critical incidents.

CBRN Academy prioritises innovation in the Health, Safety and Security industry. Through ongoing research and development with Academic Institutes, Government Agencies and Subject Matter Experts, we ensure that our learning and development programs recognise the highest standards, guidelines and regulations.


We are supported by award-winning, leading Universities in Europe. We offer vocational, degree and master’s degree courses.


Providing a wide range of Courses that suits individuals and governments delivery needs either online or onsite.


We organise a wide range of tabletop exercises and conferences to allow our clients to share knowledge.


We are cooperating with the biggest equipment providers globally to equip our clients with the latest technologies.


We provide a wide variety of diverse Subject Matter Experts (SME) to meet our client’s training, recruitment, or consultancy needs.


Our accredited Experts are here to support Organisations to Predict, Prevent, Prepare and Respond to future challenges.

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Helping Governments and the Private sector to
Predict, Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover from critical CBRN/HAZMAT events.
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Diverse training supports organisations in the field of Health, Safety, Defence, Policing and Emergency preparedness.
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Get your course tailored
Through focused research and development, our diverse team of Subject matter experts will tailor courses to your needs.
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Apply your knowledge
Apply your gained expertiese to future foresight, Predict, Prevent, Plan, Respond, mitigate and Recover from threats. 

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A list of training programs has been designed, for the benefit of a wide range of professions, from Private Industry, Health, Safety, Security, Defence, Policing, Emergency Preparedness, and Crisis Management. We provide initial, intermediate and advanced courses. Our instructors will travel to you if required or, we can arrange the training in the UK, Europe or the USA, depending on the area of specialism.

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