CBRN Academy is going through an exciting period of growth

In the last few weeks, we at CBRN Academy have significantly increased our pool of internally accredited instructors and opened new partnership agreements with training facilities in the UK and the US to enhance our capability and capacity.

The newly added cadre of instructors and partner agencies have joined our team of experts to support us to deliver our unique online and offline courses. We are looking forward to further expand our team like never before.

Our vision is to ensure CBRN Academy is the one stop destination for Academic and Vocational training, education and consultancy for CBRN specialists or professionals in government, public service and private industry.

It goes without saying that CBRN Academy is in the process of providing a comprehensive list of courses assembled for the benefit of a wide variety of professionals, whether they are from a military or civilian Background or from those professions that train and work in challenging and often intense HazMat & CBRNe environments.

Our versatile cadre of professionals working in the area of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) events are willing and able to provide their expertise in solving problems related to CBRN training management. Our services include the development of CBRN programs, customised training programs, radiation safety, HAZMAT, Firefighting and extending support to handle CBRNe emergencies.

You will shortly be able to browse our training calendar for 2020-2021, on the CBRN Academy website. There you can view our comprehensive selection of online courses. The courses are divided into a number of specialist areas and categories. Each category offers a variety of courses from basic awareness to advanced application.

The development of the academy training courses is an on-going process and we welcome experts in the field to help us develop our curriculum.

CBRN Academy will continue to collaborate with academic and vocational experts to ensure we are able to provide best practice training and consultancy services to support our clients to predict, plan and prepare for the future challenges ahead.

We are ready to hear from you!

We encourage our stakeholders and our clients to regularly check our website for any new developments and opportunities but also to provide valuable feedback to help us to improve and to meet future challenges and demands.

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