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Malaysia Ministry of Health Regulatory team supported by CBRN Academy to be No 1 in the Safety of Radioactive materials for the region

A 5-day online interactive training course

CBRN Academy was proud to deliver a 5-day online Radiation Security interactive training course to the regulatory team at the Ministry of Health in Malaysia this week. Our subject matter expert Adolph Eid supported by Matt Coburn delivered a course titled Introduction to Security Management of Radioactive Sources.

Nuclear Security (NS) as defined by the IAEA

The 5-day course introduced the Ministry of Health team from Malaysia to Nuclear Security (NS) as defined by the IAEA, including NS Regime, Strategy, Stakeholders, State Architecture, Threat, Culture, and the IAEA/Global NS architecture, in addition to its associated activities and facilities.

Radiation Security course with MOH Malaysia
CBRN Academy Team with Ministry of Health Candidates

The course enabled the regulatory team to build their capability and capacity to:

  1. Define Nuclear Security (NS) and its local and global architectures.
  2. Identify the difference between RSs and RMs, their various applications, categorisation, attractiveness, and safety and security concerns.
  3. To be familiar with the international organisations who are in charge of NS, their recommendations, obligations, safety and security guidances such as IAEA Nuclear Security Series (NSS).
  4. To identify the roles of the Incident and Trafficking Data Base (ITDB), INTERPOL, and other organisations who collect data about missing, and stolen RS worldwide (including orphan sources), and monitor their illicit trafficking.
  5. Conduct a threat and risk assessment regarding RMs and be able to establish security requirements based on a ‘Graded Approach’ and ‘Defence in Depth’.
  6. Managing the security of their RS and being able to deter, detect, identify, delay, and respond to events related to the security of the RS in their possession.
  7. Identify the whole security system, including the security plan and its strategic goal and the arrangement for security response.

At the conclusion of the course, Mike Lynch, the Executive Director of CBRN Academy, said, “I am so pleased to see that all of the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) team successfully completed the course and received their online certificates. Mike was particularly pleased with how the team fully engaged with the theoretical and interactive aspects of the course to enable them to apply the learning outcomes and skills to their roles in the Ministry of Health Malaysia”.  

Radiation Security course with MOH Malaysia
Ministry of Health – Malaysia

An official representative from the Ministry of Health Regulatory team commented by saying that they are looked forward to future courses with CBRN Academy, such as the Radiation Protection Officers Course.

About the Course Instructors

Adolph Eid

Adolf is an experienced trainer in the field of CBRNe security and protection. He was a former Chief of the Radiation Detection Unit and Central Alarm Station (CAS) in the Lebanese Customs Agency. Adolph was instrumental in the success of the US-DOE Nuclear Security/MEGAPORT project in Lebanon, as one of the main coordinators and trainers. Here he showed his great skill in the field of radiation detection and has a unique ability to identify, deter, and detect the crossing of radioactive materials and contraband across the Lebanese borders.

Adolph is well renowned for his experience, efficiency, and innovation when motivating people to learn by experience and providing the opportunity for personal growth.

As a Nuclear Security Professional (CNSP), Adolph was certified by the World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS). He specialised in Nuclear Security Incident Management and Radioactive Source Security Management (license number: 01567).
A Master’s Degree holder in protection against CBRNe events from the University of Rome, Tor Vergata, Italy.
Adolph has significant expertise in the Nuclear Power Security Industry, which would assist and support other facilities that use Radioactive and Nuclear Materials, through the training of best practices and use of the latest techniques adopted by the IAEA Member States.

Matt Coburn

Matt is an innovative course developer, facilitator and coach in the security and leadership professions. He has 30 years of experience as a Senior Officer, with a track record in leading a Strategic Police force and a Military Officer.

Matt has a proven ability in developing policy and procedure for a Police service going through radical modernisation. Matt says he takes people “on the journey”, developing and motivating students by creating and communicating a compelling vision of public service and the role of leadership.

He focuses on maximising students potential by understanding their needs; creating relevant and pertinent curriculums; planning and developing courses, modules, and lessons; and assessing progress.

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