CBRN Academy Senior course designer Srwa Khaleel to join OPCW

I was delighted and incredibly proud to be informed today that my valued colleague Srwa Khaleel, a course designer and trainer at CBRN Academy, has been accepted as a participant in the OPCW Associate Program 2021. Srwa, a chemical engineer and University lecturer, will participate in capacity building projects that will enhance her knowledge of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) and develop her skills to operate in a modern chemistry environment.

The objectives of the program are:

  1. To support the OPCW with the national implementation of the convention relating to the chemical industry.
  2. Train in areas related to chemistry and chemical engineering.
  3. Adopt best practice is in the chemical industry.
  4. Broaden the pool of talent for positions related to the industry in national authorities, institutions.

Srwa is currently in the final months of her 2nd Level Masters Course at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. This opportunity will be the icing on the cake for srwa, a role model for women in the CBRN profession worldwide.

She aims to propose a chemical safety and security management system for chemical industries and Universities in the MENA region. She is looking forward to exchanging her skills, knowledge and enhance stakeholder cooperation with the OPCW.

Srwa has designed many courses for CBRN Academy concerning building capability and capacity preparedness in the oil and gas industry.

Her support on international conferences and projects with partners from the State Dept USA and the Ministry of Interior in Iraq has been outstanding.

Best of luck from all the team at CBRN Academy.

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