CBRN Diplomas

CBRN Diplomas
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CBRN Academy has designed a series of unique Diploma Courses to support governments, public sector agencies, and critical businesses to build their operational capacity to manage future CBRN events. We have combined the very best academic and vocational practices to support emergency personnel to have the skills and knowledge to respond effectively. 


Take part in our wide range of additional courses and services

Attend one of our Diploma or Modular courses. Register for one of our tabletop exercises or ask for in-house training. One of our expert instructors will design and deliver academic and vocational courses to meet your needs.


Use our Diploma Courses to support you to take advanced CBRN masters and degree studies?

Advanced qualifications

CBRN Academy has partnered with a leading University, advanced equipment providers and International Organisations to provide renowned CBRN Masters and Degree courses. We have expanded the spectrum of our services, to include Onsite/E-learning Vocational training courses.

This is enhanced by our Tabletop exercises, Talent Expertise support and Consultancy services 


Equip yourself for the future

We are in the process of creating an easy to use, online portal, for our foundation courses. This will allow our students to learn about the basics of CBRN response in a way that suits them. Our students will have unique online remote access to their account to access all their course material online via a smartphone, laptop or desktop. Study the way you want, when and where you want!

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