Co-Founder Mike Lynch

Co-Founder Mike Lynch


Co-Founder - Academic Director


Mike is an Company Director with 30 years experience as a Senior Officer with a strategic UK police service. He has been responsible for leading law enforcement teams through some of the most challenging British policing times. 

He has worked closely with Senior Government leaders, worldwide, supporting them to strategical review their services, learning and development provisions to meet their future demands, to modernise their services and to meet international best standards. 

Mike is currently the Director of CBRN Academy, specialising in improving the capability, resilience and interoperability of Governments, the Public and Private Sector to respond the critical CBRN/Hazmat events worldwide.


Nationally accredited Senior Investigating Officer (PIP3) and Core Leadership Development to provide the best practices, strategic and operational recommendations in policing international.

Leadership Development
Law Enforcement
Health and Safety
CBRNe Anti-terrorism
Learning & Education




I have had the pleasure in working closely with Mike since October 2018 when he supported me, Dubai Police Academy and the Commander In Chief in reviewing our training strategy for the Academy. Mike used his extensive experience as a senior Police Officer and his knowledge of best practices in policing internationally to provide us with strategic and operational recommendations, ensuring Dubai Police are at the cutting edge of police training worldwide. Over the next 2 years, Mike and I have continued to collaborate on various critical projects for Dubai Police. Examples of these projects are; presenting early advice and guidance to Dubai Police Academy and Dubai Police Future Foresight Department enabling us to plan and respond to Covid-19, long before it became a pandemic. Mike also supported Dubai Police Detention and Correction Department in reviewing the repeat offending rate in Dubai detention centres and to make recommendations to prevent and deter repeat offending. He went on to work closely with my academic team, responsible for the policing degree at Dubai Police Academy, recommending different ways in which the faculty could incorporate experiential learning and vocational training in academic degree courses. I look forward to collaborating again with him in the future’.
General Prof. Dr. Ghaith Al-Suwaidi
Director General - Dubai Police Academy

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