Dubai Police Commander-in-Chief honours CBRN Academy for their timely support predicting and responding to the Corona Virus outbreak.

We were recently honoured by His Excellency, Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, and Brigadier Dr Abdullah bin Sultan, Director of Policing for Future Foresight and Decision-Making Department.

During an online conference call, the Commander-in-Chief expressed his appreciation to CBRN Academy team for their timely initiative to provide innovative training for the Dubai Police Future Foresight and Decision-Making Dept, at the very start of the Corona Virus outbreak. He was impressed as to how CBRN Academy was prepared for the ensuing pandemic to support Dubai Police to deal with the Corona Virus outbreak long before its severity had been appreciated across the world. Finally, he looked forward to collaborating with the Academy in future projects which would enhance their capability and capacity to predict, plan respond and recover from such crisis.

Mike Lynch, Directive Executive CBRN Academy expressed his pride in accepting his Highnesses recognition. He said “It was our pleasure to work alongside The Commander-in-Chief, Brigadier Abdullah and the Future Foresight and Decision-Making Dept. We hope our training supported the team to manage the pandemic in the positive way that they did. We hope to be able to continue our support to the agencies and leaders in the United Arab Emirates, to pursue their path of preparedness, growth, development and prosperity during these challenging times”.

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