CBRN Leadership Plans into Action

CBRN Leadership Plans into Action

CBRN Leadership Plans into Action

CBRN Leadership Plans into Action

Course Information

Code: 29LTM04-006
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Course Overview

CBRN Leadership Plans into Action – CBRN Academy has designed this 5-day course to support leaders in CBRN to turn their plans into action. The course uses a practical methodology to deal with challenges and engage participants to deal with uncertainty in stressful CBRN environments.

The course takes an overview of the leadership theory, covering a range of academic and practical approaches that are essential to make the vision happen. It nurtures the required skills by drawing on best practices from business, military, and policing.

This course recognises that the CBRN Academy hosts a group of three other leadership courses. It expands on the operational decision-making components of those courses, particularly at the introductory level. This course focuses on turning CBRN plans into action at the operational level.

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