Hospital Medical Care – CBRN Casualties Diploma

Hospital Medical Care – CBRN Casualties Diploma

Hospital Medical Care – CBRN Casualties Diploma

To show that this Diploma is to support Hospital Staff to respond to CBRN incidents.

Course Information

Code: 12MED04-038
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Course Overview

Hospital Medical Care – CBRN Casualties Dipl has been designed by CBRN Academy to support physicians, nurses, paramedics, and medical and nursing staff responsible for caring for and managing patients in hospitals and multidisciplinary health.

The 5-day course will deliver theoretical and practical training for medical management CBRN casualties. Our course offers a training opportunity for civilian and military healthcare professionals, healthcare managers and providers. The course curriculum and content focus on facilitating mitigation of existing and potential gaps in hospital operations during a significant CBRN event. The practical knowledge gained may be applied to routine and crisis hospital operations as well.

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