Initial Counter Terrorist Search

Initial Counter Terrorist Search

Initial Counter Terrorist Search

Initial Counter Terrorist Search

Course Information

Code: 10IED01-016
Start Date: 01 Jan 1970
End Date: 01 Jan 1970
Duration: 20 Day(s)
Hours Per Day: 8 Hour(s)
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Course Overview

This Initial Counter Terrorist Search 4-week training course has been designed by CBRN Academy to support police, military, and security personnel to protect potential targets (persons, vehicles or venues) from a terrorist attack using firearms or explosive devices. The training is based upon international best practices and standards and has been successfully used to protect potential targets since the 1980s.

Participants will learn the importance of systematic search procedures, detailed planning and identification of weapons and the parts of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED). Participants will be trained in various skills to conduct defensive (protection) and offensive (evidence gathering) counter-terrorist searches.

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