New leaders Course

New leaders Course

Course Information

Code: 29LTM01-012
Duration: 5 Day(s)
Hours Per Day: 8 Hour(s)
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Course Overview

New leaders course – CBRN Academy has designed this 5-day course to support individuals who are making or have recently transitioned to a role leading and managing others for the first time or those aspiring to do so in the future.

It will be particularly relevant for those in the early phases of their leadership development but aiming to progress to the next stage due to a recent promotion or a desire to improve their knowledge and understanding in these areas and improve workplace performance.

The course will provide opportunities for individuals to understand what leadership and management entail and how their behaviours influence the behaviours and actions of others, how to build trust with individuals and create a positive team culture.

Students will be introduced to the concepts of Coaching and Mentoring in the workplace and how these approaches can be best utilised to manage direct reports for the first time and realise individual and organisational goals. They will understand their preferred leadership style and be introduced to a diversity of practical leadership tools and approaches that can be used to build an effective team able to realise optimal outcomes.

The course will provide students with improved confidence and an awareness of the real-world deployable skills needed to lead effectively for the first time. It will explain how they can successfully modify their leadership approach in response to different circumstances and develop lifelong skills in people management and personal development.

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