Equipment Services

Equipment Services

Well-established relationships

CBRN Academy has well-established relationships with industry specialists who will provide equipment, products and systems to enhance knowledge acquisition, best practice to improve future capability and capacity.

Multidisciplinary hub

A library hub of multidisciplinary trusted vocational and academic training courses

Capacity builders

Identifying gaps in clients’ understanding, tailoring programs, building capabilities and capacities for the future

Bespoke services

Our clients can learn while they are working in the most cost effective and easily accessible way

Obtain Academic Qualifications

Start streaming on-demand lectures today from top instructors at CBRN Masters.

Upskill your organisation

Helping governments and the private sector to predict, prevent, prepare, respond and recover from crises

Great Mission for Great nations

Our promises to our top clients'

High level of efficiency and scientific teaching methods

Our diverse training curriculum supports the health safety, Defence, Policing, Emergency preparedness and Crisis management sector with best practice, academic and vocational training.

A choice of quality CBRN cutting edge education

We enable people to enhance and develop the skills and knowledge that people already have and increases their ability to apply this in the workplace, to improve their organisation’s capability and capacity.

A professional passionate team of specialists at reach

Our consultancy services will support organisations to develop future proof policies and procedures to ensure they can Predict Plan Prepare Respond and Recover from critical events and incidents. 

Start today for getting your unit ready

Agencies and organisations were well aware that there was a significant likelihood of a viral pandemic, even before the outbreak of COVID-19. When this occurred, at the beginning of 2020, it became evident that Government agencies and services across the world had struggled to predict, plan, prepare and later respond to the pandemic

Our Primary Focus

Although our primary focus is CBRNe health, safety and security training programs, we can support learners from all different public and private sector as the following.

CBRN Academy Courses support Clients who mitigate or neutralise, the adverse CBRN weapons effects on personnel resulting from:

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Our Services

Our solutions enable us to support our clients to Predict, Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover from CBRN/HAZMAT incidents

CBRN Academy prioritises innovation in the Health, Safety and Security industry. Through constant research and development with academic institutes, government agencies and subject matter experts, we ensure that our learning and development programs use the latest standards, guidelines and regulations

Our clients will have access to a full range of both Academic and Vocational e-learning and onsite courses for individuals and teams.

We provide a wide variety of diverse Subject Matter Experts (SME) to meet our client's training, recruitment, or consultancy needs.

We are supported by award-winning, leading Universities in Europe. We offer vocational, degree and master’s degree courses.

We collaborate with leading companies to provide equipment to help build Capability & Capacity at competitive rates.

We organise a wide range of tabletop exercises and conferences to allow our clients to work and share knowledge.

Our accredited Experts are here to support Organisations to Predict, Prevent, Prepare and Respond to future challenges

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