Events Services

Events Services
Collaborating with international industry decision-makers.

We have well-established relationships with industry specialists who will provide equipment, products and systems to enhance knowledge acquisition, best practice to improve future capability and capacity


Our conferences offer our participants the opportunity to share their knowledge, ideas, experiences and research results with other professionals, researchers and industry leaders across a large number of leading innovation players in the Defense & Security industry.

Table Workshops

A variety of tabletop exercises will be scheduled throughout the year to provide clients with the opportunity to work on case studies, based on real-life situations. In a safe learning environment, participants will be able to increase their in-depth knowledge on important subjects that they are working on. The key objective of taking part in our TTX is to build up the ability to deal with fast time operational and technical challenges, using simulation and scenarios. This experience will provide organisations with an understanding of how operationally and technically competent they currently are.

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Insights from The CBRNe SICC Virtual Conference


CBRN Academy

Workshops and webinars workshops

CBRN Academy Subject matter experts will provide workshops throughout the year in relation to CBRN/hazmat academic and vocational studies. Please check the website for dates.

Our Latest Event - SICC 2nd Virtual Conference 2020

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Cutting edge Academic, vocational training

Unique access to industry expertise.

Supported by international organisations and universities

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