Our Courses

Our Courses


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Training is crucial to preparedness, personal development and organisational growth. Our courses are cost-effective and meet the operational requirements of our students.

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Onsite Courses

Tailored for our public and private organisations

Virtual Courses

Virtually Learning from our CBRN subject matter experts

LMS Courses

Study our world-class CBRN courses, anytime, from any location.

On-Site Training

Maximising your workplace experience, e.g. Live Agent Training.

A list of training programs has been designed to benefit a wide range of professions, from Private Industry, Health, Safety, Security, Defence, Policing, Emergency Preparedness, and Crisis Management. We provide initial, intermediate and advanced courses. Our instructors will travel to you if required or, we can arrange the training in the UK, Europe or the USA, depending on the area of specialism.

Leading the CBRN industry in Academic & Vocational Education

CBRN Academy training programs are constantly under development to ensure they are up-to-date. We engage with universities, industry specialists and leading experts to ensure this is the case.
At CBRN Academy, we welcome client suggestions and feedback to help us develop our courses and services. We work in partnership with key stakeholders to achieve this objective.
The support we provide assists agencies and the professionals who work in the Health, Safety and Security fields to improve their Capability and Capacity to manage CBRN/Hazmat events and incidents.

Our primary focus is providing Training and Consultancy Services to CBRN/HAZMAT Health, Safety and Security industries. We also support professionals from all Public and Private sector organisations, e.g. Health Sector, Transportation, Military, Energy Sector, Police and Fire Service (Civil Defence) etc.

Our Academic and Vocational training courses support agencies responsible for mitigating or neutralising the adverse effects of CBRN/HAZMAT incidents on society. 


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Our solutions enable us to support our clients to Predict, Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover from CBRN/HAZMAT incidents.

CBRN Academy prioritises innovation in the Health, Safety and Security industry. We ensure that our learning and development programs use the latest standards, guidelines, and regulations through constant research and development with academic institutes, government agencies, and subject matter experts.

Multidisciplinary hub

A library of trusted vocational and academic training courses.

Capacity builders

Identifying gaps in understanding, tailoring programs, building Capability and Capacity for the future.

Bespoke services

Our clients learn while they are working in the most cost-effective and easy way.

Obtain Academic Qualifications

Start streaming our on-demand lectures today from our Experts at CBRN Master, the University of Rome Tor Vergata.

Upskill your Organisation

Supporting people to Predict, Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover from critical CBRN events.


Partner with top Universities

Specialised CBRN & HAZMAT

CBRN Academy, in partnership with top European universities, provides the best Academic and Vocational programs for professionals working for

  • Governments;
  • Public Authorities;
  • Private businesses

E.g. Health, Safety, Security, Defence, Policing, Emergency Preparedness, and Crisis Management, concerning the risks, threats and harm that society faces.

Online & E-learning courses

Through our Learning Management System (LMS), our students will access a full range of online academic training courses. Our distance learning programs and courses contain lectures and study material, similar to that of a student attending a classroom or University. Students can study when and where they want to, using a smartphone or computer, saving time and money.

World-class expertise, vocational, and academic curriculum

Why Choose us

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Quality and Credibility

CBRN Academy is known for the quality of its team and training services. For this reason, universities and vocational institutions have collaborated with us to provide the best services available. Whether it is Live Agent training, Leadership, CBRN studies or CBRN Masters qualification, The highest standards are guaranteed.

Top Industry Experience

CBRN Academy will be the leading provider in the industry of Safety and Security. We established the business to close gaps in the industry. The founders built the company by combining their Academic and Vocational knowledge in Learning, Education and passion for public safety over the past 35 years.

Creating a Competitive Edge

CBRN Academy supports our clients with Equipment, Academic and Vocational Training and Consultancy services. We have solid partnerships with private and public institutions worldwide. We use the latest technologies available to enhance Organisations Capability and Capacity to manage CBRN/HAZMAT incidents.

Choose courses that suit your needs and expand your horizons!


Virtual Courses

Face to Face Courses

Virtual Instructor-Led Courses (VILC) bring the essential aspects of face-to-face training and replicate the experience through a virtual platform such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Our trainers and students log into the chosen platform from around the world, and we deliver the course live, so all the learners can participate simultaneously with one another.
These courses are highly interactive, encouraging student engagement, sharing experiences and questioning. Our courses focus on experiential learning and are not limited to PowerPoint presentations alone.

Whether you participate in a blended online program or take part in our on-site courses, you will experience the full impact and benefit of CBRN Academy's knowledge and experience.

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