Our Services

Our Services

Our solutions enable us to support our clients to Predict, Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover from CBRN/HAZMAT incidents

CBRN Academy prioritises innovation in the Health, Safety and Security industry. Through constant research and development with academic institutes, government agencies and subject matter experts, we ensure that our learning and development programs use the latest standards, guidelines and regulations

Our clients will have access to a full range of both Academic and Vocational e-learning and onsite courses for individuals and teams.

We provide a wide variety of diverse Subject Matter Experts (SME) to meet our client's training, recruitment, or consultancy needs.

We are supported by award-winning, leading Universities in Europe. We offer vocational, degree and master’s degree courses.

We collaborate with leading companies to provide equipment to help build Capability & Capacity at competitive rates.

We organise a wide range of tabletop exercises and conferences to allow our clients to work and share knowledge.

Our accredited Experts are here to support Organisations to Predict, Prevent, Prepare and Respond to future challenges

Predicting and preparing for CBRN/HAZMAT events.

Countries are continually trying to protect their communities against acts of terrorism/HAZMAT. 

Helping you to find your solutions.

We provide Training, Equipment and Services, to the Security industry. As well as this we also serve the Health and Safety industries, e.g. Government, Military, Hospitals, Energy providers, and civilian personnel whose roles or responsibilities mean they will be expected to work in harsh, life-threatening and hostile environments created by HAZMAT & CBRN incidents and accidents.

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Strategic Partners

International Partnerships

In partnership with equipment providers and other academic and private training institutes, CBRN Academy focuses on preventing harm or loss by providing information to support agencies and businesses to enable first responders and decision-makers to manage such events safely. Our partnerships with scientific institutes ensure we can providing future proof training and services.

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Years of Experience

Variety of ways to learn.

Our Vocational and Academic courses are divided into several categories which range from basic to advanced vocational training and Master’s degree provision.

We can help you find a solution.

CBRN Academy provides Governments, Public and Private Sector organisations with a comprehensive catalogue of consultancy, project management, vocational and academic training, services and equipment to support these organisations. 

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Courses ready

Projects done

CBRN Academy training programs are continually being improved by engaging with our partners in universities in Europe and leading experts in the fields of Security and Industry. At CBRN Academy we welcome feedback to support and assist us in achieving high levels of customers satisfaction.

The support we offer enable agencies and the people who work in the Health, Safety and Security fields to improve their Capability and Competency through Continued Professional Development which can be realised in their field of expertise.

Reliable, Committed, Client-Focused, And Driven Through Innovative Process Solutions.

CBRN Academy aims to help Companies, Governments and Organisations to maintain the highest level of knowledge and preparedness concerning potential and actual incidents/hazards/accidents that may occur in the CBRN/HAZMAT field. This includes support to comply with current legislation. 

We have access to the widest range of Academic and Vocational Subject Matter Experts (SME) who design and deliver a program of courses to assist in the management of CBRN/hazmat incidents and events.

Vision Statement : It is our vision to be the No1 Academy in the world and to provide the most comprehensive range of internationally acclaimed and accredited Vocational and Academic training courses, Inspirational Consultancy services and cutting edge Equipment.
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