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2nd Level Advanced CBRN Master Courses for CBRNe Advisors of Decision Makers

2nd Level Advanced CBRN Master

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The pandemic situation related to the COVID-19 emergency has changed the education modality. The 2nd Level Advanced CBRN Master course is a combination of virtual and onsite sessions through the dedicated eLearning platform. The lectures will be a hybrid between face to face, virtual and through Learning management system platform LMS to guarantee the best education experience to all the participants taking into account the different work occupations.

The evolution of Safety and Security threats and their increase at an international level place remarkable focus on the improvement of emergency systems to deal with crises, including those connected to ordinary and non-conventional events (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and explosive). In every industrial country, there are multiple entities with specialized teams in very specific fields, but the complexity of the events requires professionals that not only have specific CBRNe know-how, but also expertise in relevant areas.

2nd Level Advanced CBRN Master Courses Global Interest

Given the global interest in these issues, the Department of Industrial Engineering and the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery of the University of Rome Tor Vergata organize the international Master Courses in
“Protection against CBRNe events”: 2nd Level Master Course in “Protection against CBRNe events” (60 ECTS).
These courses aim at providing attendees with comprehensive competencies in the field of CBRNe Safety and Security, through teaching and training, focused on real needs.
Master Courses are designed according to the spirit of the Bologna Process for Higher Education and the Italian law educational system.

Master Objectives

The 2nd Level Master Course aims at providing participants with appropriate technical, cognitive and operational skills in order to educate and train key figures in the field of CBRNe risk. In order to participate in the Master Course and obtain the official title, candidates must have a 300-ECTS Master degree or equivalent. “Equivalence” of degrees such as Military, Police, Fire-fighter Academy degrees etc., will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the University competent bodies and the Master Course Steering Committee.
This Course aims at training professional “CBRNe Advisors of Decision Makers”. At the end of the course, attendees will obtain a “2 nd Level Master Course in Protection Against CBRNe Events (60 ECTS)” degree.

Top subject matter experts

The most important private companies operating in the CBRNe safety and security field support the Master Courses with their expertise. They have been involved in the didactic activities thanks to their experts and host the students for the period of the internship.
Among our lecturers, there are also subject matter experts from the University of Rome Tor Vergata and from all the institutions that are officially involved in the Master Courses activities.
Classroom lessons are complemented with laboratory activities, case studies to be dealt with in working groups, visits, internships at collaborating international entities and the preparation of the master’s theses (the best ones will be selected for publication in scientific journals).
Please, note that the modules may be subjected to a few changes (dates, the numbering of the modules, etc.) according to the availability of the lecturers involved and of the training centres cooperating with the Master Course.



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