The Founder Ahmed Gamal

The Founder Ahmed Gamal
Ahmed Gamal Ibrahim


Co-Founder - Academic Director


The Founder, Ahmed Gamal, is a dedicated and versatile Business Director with 14 years of experience in the design and delivery of CBRN safety & security, learning, and education programs within the Middle East. 

Ahmed has considerable experience working with governments, military and civilian personnel within an austere, hostile & intense HAZMAT & live CBRNe agents environment. 

Ahmed has double Master degrees from the University of Rome Tor Vergata in CBRNe studies for first responders and decision-makers.

He is a CBRN subject matter expert to ensure that appropriate resources are available to support client training solutions to meet diverse and complex needs.

Ahmed is awarded silver and bronze medals in radiation protection, emergency response, and tens of CWA live Training with top military and police forces in the Middle East.


Experienced business leader, CBRN subject matter expert with two Masters qualifications in CBRN studies and Silver level Radiological incidents command certification.

Live Agent Training (LAT)
Scientific and Academic Research
Emergency Communication
CBRNe Decision Making Support
Radiation Safety




"I had the pleasure to meet Ahmed in 2016, at the beginning of his experience at my University (University of Rome Tor Vergata) as a student of the first level CBRNe course: Since the beginning, I have understood that he was not a simple student. He immediately started to propose innovative ideas to improve the Master's degree courses and all the ideas were successful and implemented. In meantime, he completed the First and Second Level Master courses, published 2 books, and become an active part of the Directive Board of the CBRNe Master course and a great collaborator for all the University of Rome Tor Vergata through CBRN Academy. A story of competence, innovation, and success that is continuing today. The example that the good approach, the competences, and the idea are key to success."
Prof.Dr. Andrea Malizia
Professor in Nuclear Measures and Instrumentation, University of Rome Tor Vergata

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