The Founders

The Founders
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Founding Hisorty

About CBRN Academy

Sharing Passion

When we met in Dubai 2019, we discussed our mutual passion for Public Service and Community Safety. We realised that many governments, public sector agencies, and specific business sectors often lacked the capability and capacity to manage critical CBRNe and HAZMAT events. Some services and industries were very prepared for such incidents; however, others were not so fortunate.

When we looked in greater depth, we saw there was a gap in the accreditation vocational and applied academic CBRNe training and education worldwide. All of this coincided with the increasing use and threat of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and explosers (CBRNe) substances and the increased use of toxic hazardous materials (HAZMAT) in industry and medicine.

We felt it was our duty to try to change this situation. So, we launched CBRN Academy in the UK. We felt that CBRN Academy and our international experts could support our governments, public sector agencies and critical businesses to build CBRNe and HAZMAT preparedness worldwide to bridge this gap.

We started our journey just as the world started to reel the human and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the newest biological threats to society.

And from here we started!

Ahmed & Mike  

Academy Founders

Ahmed Gamal Ibrahim

A Microbiologist and a dedicated versatile Business Director with +14 years of experience in Providing Learning and Development CBRNe programs for governments, public and private authorities like health, safety, security, defence, policing, medical and industrial sectors.

A company Director with 30 years’ experience as a Senior Officer with a strategic UK police service. He has been responsible for leading law enforcement teams through some of the most challenging times in British Policing.

Sharing the passion to raise the CBRN Safety and Security response awareness

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We provide services with the very highest standards internationally.

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