The Team

The Team

Our History

CBRN Academy was opened in Oxford, UK, to support professionals in Government roles, Public Sector agencies and critical businesses worldwide to build their capability and capacity to deal with the emerging CBRN critical events.

how do we achieve this?

We provide services with the very highest standards internationally.

Our Passion

CBRN Academy is passionate about improving organisations’ capability and capacity to manage CBRN/Hazmat incidents.
We ensure that our Consultancy Services, Training Courses, and Equipment solutions are of the highest standard available. We have done all of the work to bring together the best international advice and guidance available and put them in our training courses.
Our learning and development programs support Governments, Public sector organisations and businesses to be better Predict, Prevent, Prepare and, if necessary, Respond and Recover from actual and potential CBRN/Hazmat security and safety incidents and events.

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Latest Skills

Our diverse training curriculum supports organisations in the field of Health, Safety, Defence, Policing, Emergency preparedness and Crisis Management sector with best practices, Academic and Vocational training and cutting edge equipment.

Earn a Certificate
or Degree

We enable people to enhance and develop the skills and knowledge that people already have. Our recognition of prior learning helps our students increase their ability to apply their knowledge at work to improve their organisation’s Capability and Capacity.

Upskill Your

Our Consultancy Services support Organisations to develop future proof policies and procedures to ensure they can Predict, Prevent, Prepare, Respond and Recover from critical events and incidents. 

What is unique about CBRN Academy!

CBRN Academy is one of the few international Academies to bridge the gap between advanced academic studies and high-quality accredited vocational courses to support organisations and their teams to manage and respond to CBRN/HAZMAT threats.

Whether you are a Government agency, Public Sector or Business, we have Academic/ Vocational courses, Consultancy services and Equipment solutions to meet your future needs.


CBRN Academy has a mission to be recognised as the worldwide centre of excellence providing the best available CBRN subject matter expertise, academic and vocational training and equipment solutions for government agencies, public services and critical businesses.  

Management of Radioactive Sources


CBRN Academy aims to support people to manage critical CBRN incidents by providing a diverse range of fundamental and advanced CBRN courses for critical businesses, e.g. energy sectors, well logging, mining and milling, maritime, engineering and chemical labs. Public authorities such as hospitals, clinics, and medical centres to industrial companies and government agencies, e.g. Military, Law Enforcement, Civil defence, Paramedics and Fire Fighters.

Our Methodology

CBRN Academy focuses on providing fundamental to advanced vocational training and educational programs for Public and Private Sectors responsible for Health, Safety, Security, Defence, Policing, and Crisis Management. We adapt our solutions for the workplace and deliver this virtually or in person. Organisations can use our workshops to test their team’s knowledge and capability in real-life situations.

OUR Clients

Policing, Military and Government Personnel

Military and public sector teams are a significant focus for CBRN Academy as they are usually the first responders in a critical CBRN event.

Our Consultancy Services, Vocational and Academic programs and Equipment solutions have been designed to support people and organisations responsible for managing this event, often under significant personal and organisation risk, threat and harm.

CBRN Academy provides emergency responders with bespoke solutions, training and educational programs tailored for the specific roles that each agency is responsible for during a CBRN event. Whether you are a medical responder, public safety expert, or tasked to investigate an incident, CBRN Academy provides practical solutions and advanced academic capability to meet organisational requirements.


Creative Thinking



Business Continuity

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Creating Professionals with our support

Business and support services

CBRN Academy supports key stakeholders in support services and critical business who have a vital role in the management of CBRN events and business continuity, for example, industrial and medical personnel who may be exposed to ionizing radiation due to the work that they do.

They may have a vital role in transporting dangerous materials, such as couriers or nurses in the hospitals dealing with biohazards. They may be health and safety personnel responsible for responding to hazardous incidents in business environments.

CBRN Academy has solutions and support for such agencies and their key people.

Business Planning

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Market Analysis

Banking Consulting

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