CBRN Civil Defence Course

UAE Civil Defence and CBRN Academy lead the way in the 1 st. CBRN National training cooperation

Online CBRN training off to a flying start

CBRN Academy recently collaborated with the leadership team in the Northern Civil Defence UAE to start a program of training and development for their Officers to build capability and capacity to predict, prepare and respond to critical CBRN/hazmat events.

Supported by the Senior Management Team at the Northern Civil Defence Unit, UAE, the team at CBRN Academy designed and delivered an online zoom training program to kickstart a comprehensive training plan to further their ability to improve national security in the region.

Operational Civil Defence Unit officers stationed in five of the seven Emirates received a days training entitled ‘CBRN basic awareness preparedness. The training program was delivered in Arabic by the Academic Director of CBRN Academy UK, Ahmed Gamal.

Ahmed worked closely with the leadership team at the Civil Defence to design a bespoke course for Arabic officers that contained the very best vocational and Academic content from subject matter experts from around the world. The introductory course intended to train the Civil Defence Unit Officers, some of whom had limited exposure and experience to CBRN studies and provided them with an initial program to build long-term capability and capacity in CBRN/hazmat critical event preparedness.

Here is an overview of the training course objectives

CBRN Academy Training for CIVIL DEFENCE UAE
  • CBRN meaning and contextual history.
  • Explore the differences between CBRN and Hazmat threat and response.
  • CBRN Operations – Protection, Detection and Decontamination.
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms of a CBRN event.
  • Understand CBRN Capability and Capacity building and National Security.
  • Importance of partnership interoperability and response to CBRN incidents/event.
  • Introducing the very best of CBRN equipment availability and use.

A privilege to work alongside the leadership team from the Civil Defence Unit

Mike Lynch, Executive Director of CBRN Academy, said, “It was a privilege to work alongside the leadership team from the Civil Defence Unit, Northern UAE. I am pleased with how the team engaged and embraced this bespoke training course, taking part in scenario discussions throughout. I am confident that under the leadership of the Senior Management Team, the Civil Defence Unit UAE will be at the cutting edge of CBRN/hazmat preparedness in the region.

I have also been heartened to see that some of the team have now joined our CBRN Masters course through CBRN Academy in collaboration with the University Rome Tor Vergata. This response indicates a long-term commitment within the leadership team to embed best international practice, improve National Security and become a centre of excellence in the region for CBRN response and capability. I look forward to the opportunity to work closely with the team at the Civil Defence UAE in the future on it in our initial CBRN response, intermediate and specialist courses.

About the Trainer

Ahmed Gamal is a versatile Co-founder and Company Director in CBRNe Security training and consultancy services.

He is an associate lecturer with Rome Tor Vergata University and the author of the book, Improvement on CBRNe Learning & Education Management Book 2018.

He is a dedicated and highly accomplished Business Director with 12 years of experience in the design and delivery in the fields of, Emergency Management, CBRN Safety & Security, Learning and Education. 

Ahmed provides services to public and private sectors, which include international governments, military and civilian personnel, often within hostile & high-risk, HazMat & live CBR agent environment. 

He possesses a robust operational skillset, reinforced by two master’s degrees in CBRNe protection, from the University of Rome Tor Vergata, for First Responders, decision-makers & support in Emergency Management.

He is a Subject Matter Expert ensuring that appropriate resources are identified and applied to support client training schedules, events and evaluated exercises to provide safe, innovative, and reliable solutions to meet clients’ diverse and complex needs. 

Ahmed is an effective communicator and dynamic decision-maker. He has an analytical leadership style which he combines with his skill in coaching and mentoring. This has supported him to achieve great success with business start-up and expansions.

He is currently the founding Director of CBRN Academy UK, providing training, consultancy and equipment, to public and private sector agencies to support them to plan, prepare and respond to critical incidents and threats.

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