Leading research projects relating to vaccinations for COVID-19

Leading research projects relating to vaccinations for COVID-19

CBRN Academy has been closely following the international progress to develop a vaccine to conquer COVID-19. One of the most recent successful trials appears to be the vaccine that professor Sarah Gilbert and her team at Oxford University are developing.
Yesterday professor Gilbert published her early findings of their trials showing that their vaccine, to tackle, Covid-19 is found to be safe and provokes a good, immune response.

If all goes well with the trials, at Oxford University, then their vaccine may be ready for distribution by the end of 2020. Professor Gilbert and the team are moving to a phase of far greater testing, where they will be examining whether their vaccine has longer-term positive responses to clinical trials. The trial will continue into 2021 and, if successful, the vaccine will have the most significant benefits for older people, people from ethnic minorities and those with underlying health problems.

Many other vaccines are under trial at the moment, and scientists believe that the likelihood is that most of them, unfortunately, will fail. Which is why countries in the race to find a vaccine are looking at multiple different possible options.

We at CBRN Academy wish professor Gilbert and her team, the best of luck. Whoever wins this race, to successfully develop a vaccine for COVID-19, one thing is sure, there will be an international market ready to buy this product.

CBRN Academy is involved in the review of the leading research projects relating to vaccinations for COVID-19 preparedness with students from Brazil and Italy, in cooperation with Roma Tor Vergata University, CBRN Gate and the CBRN Master. Moreover; the Academy been recently honoured by the Commander in Chief, for Dubai police, as one of the very first companies, to take the responsibility and train teams in UAE, on how to prepare and respond to the pandemic in early February 2020.

By the end of these trials, we hope that the poorer countries suffering from the effects of COVID-19, are not forgotten, when the time comes to distribute these life-saving vaccines.

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